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Build, manage, and integrate your contracts with your software tools for smarter management

What is Clause?

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Connect your contracts with your other tools

With Clause, your contracts can connect in real-time to the tools you use everyday like Stripe, Xero, and HelloSign so you can keep everything in sync across your business.

Add Smart Clauses® to your contracts

Easily automate operations like payments, invoices, and notifications, by adding a Smart Clause into your contract, just like an e-signature block. Store your contract as a template and sign it using your existing tools.

Configurable payments

Calculate and perform payments directly from contracts by adding a payments Smart Clause® for deposits, escrow, subscriptions, and more

Real-time status

See all of your contract events in real-time — even after signature — backed by secure audit trails. The Clause Platform notifies you of obligations and changes to the state of your contracts as they happen.

All of your contract data at your fingertips

Store, search, and analyze all of your contract data quickly and simply through the Clause Platform.

Engineered for blockchain compatibility

The Clause Platform and API are compatible with all leading enterprise blockchain platforms, enabling you to simply build and run portable contracts and clauses across ledgers

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Automate business operations, execute transactions, notify users and more — directly using the Clause Platform

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Blockchain Networks using Clause

The Clause Platform is moving smart contracts forward around the world.

IBM Blockchain
Agreements Network

Built on the Accord Project

The Accord Project is an industry-led collaboration between the world’s leading law firms and technology companies to develop a blockchain-agnostic standard implementation for the formation and execution of smart legal contracts.

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Create smart contracts with Clause

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